Frequently Asked Questions

Mushrooms 101

What is the meaning of "functional" mushrooms?

The term "functional" comes from the approach: focusing on the optimal function of the body. Functional supplements are formulated to have a positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition, help reduce the risk of disease and promote optimal function of the body. Learn the basics here.

Why should I supplement with functional mushrooms?

Functional mushrooms provide a rich source of fungal polysaccharides, which can modulate and enhance the immune system. Varieties of mushrooms are nootropic (executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation) or adaptogenic (help increase energy and resistance to stress). Some can also benefit the nervous system, lungs, gut and more. Read about the bioactive compounds in mushrooms here.

About purana products

What does 8:1 and 16:1 mean? And dual-extract?

An extract is the essence of a substance, drawn out, and concentrated to maximize its benefits. For example in an 8:1 extract, 8 parts of the raw mushroom are used to create 1 part of the extract. They can be made using either 1) hot water, or 2) water combined with alcohol to aid in extracting beneficial non-water soluble compounds. This concentration ensures that all the potent active components of the mushroom are intensified into a smaller dose for your convenience. Learn more about extracts here.

Which purana product is best for me?

Start by identifying your health goals: Are you looking to boost immunity, enhance focus, relieve stress, or improve sleep? Browse our products to learn about their benefits.

What is the quality of purana's products?

All of purana's ingredients are certified organic, non-gmo, gluten free, vegan & keto friendly. Our mushrooms extracts are made from 100% fruiting body and contain no added fillers.

Where and how are purana mushrooms grown?

Our mushrooms are both farmed and wild-harvested in China and Siberia. We work with select organic farms to ensure quality ingredients free of heavy metals, pesticides, etc. Click here to learn more about the growing environments of our mushrooms.

Shipping and ordering

How much does shipping cost?

We believe in sharing the power of mushrooms, so our shipping is currently FREE to make our products more accessible to you.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping time can be selected at checkout, packages are typically sent via Canada post Expedited mail, taking 2-3 business days. Occasionally there are Canada Post delays that are out of our control. Contact us if you have an issue with your shipment.

Does purana accept returns?

We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return. Read our full return policy here.

About purana

Why “ancient medicine, modern health”?

We believe the answers to modern health lie in the medicines that have existed on this earth for thousands of years. Purana offers ancient ingredients, like mushrooms, to support and optimize living in this modern world.

Where is purana located?

Purana was founded in 2019 and continues to operate in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. All products are manufactured in British Columbia and shipped from Vancouver.

What are purana's initiatives?

Purana donates towards two wonderful organizations: One Tree Planted and Amazonia Yurahu Alliance. With these organizations, we support local reforestation efforts and the preservation of traditional knowledge and medicinal plants in the Amazon Rainforest. Learn more about us, our values and our initiatives here.