Giving Back to Mother Earth

Our Initiatives

Purana supports two wonderful organizations: One Tree Planted and Amazonia Yurahu Alliance. With these organizations, we support local reforestation efforts in Canada, as well as the preservation of traditional knowledge and medicinal plants in the Amazon Rainforest.
Amazonia Yurahu Alliance

Preserving Traditional Knowledge

Supporting the Amazon rainforest and the Yawanawá means preserving the forest way of life, ensuring elders have support to pass down their traditional knowledge and practices to new generations so they may continue to uphold their unique identity into the 21st century.

The Yawanawá: Guardians of the Rio Gregorio headwaters in Acre, Brazil

The Yawanawá have a deep traditional knowledge of the forest, its plants, and healing properties. They have always passed this knowledge from one generation to the next through their oral tradition. The Yawanawá are at risk of losing their traditional knowledge due to the rapid deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. The impact of colonization, including being forbidden from teaching their language and culture, has created a generational gap in passing this knowledge from one generation to the next. The elders of the villages, the last keepers of their traditional knowledge, are dying before they can pass it on to the new generations.

Planting Seeds For Future Generations: The Nipei Garden

The Yawanawá people are strengthening their traditional knowledge and experience in maintaining the health of their people and their land. The Nipei Garden of Medicines is contributing to this effort. “Nipei” is the Yawanawá word for the Rainforest’s healing plants. The project gathers the traditional healing plants of the forest into one accessible garden. This garden provides a learning center where the few remaining elders work with the new generation of students, teaching about the healing plants and traditional treatments.
One Tree Planted

Supporting Local Reforestation

In recent years Canada has been devastated by wild fires, a threat that continues to grow. Our donation to One Tree Planted goes toward rehabilitating Canadian forests and ensuring they have a sustainable future.